25 September 2022 (am) – Acts 19:23-41

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 25th September 2022.

The second half of Acts chapter 19 concerns a riot that happened in the city as a result of the impact that the gospel was making amongst the Ephesians. Luke is probably including this account to put on record the facts of the matter, so as to vindicate the Christian community and quash any rumours that they were anything but law-abiding citizens. The underlying cause of this riot was not the spread of the church in Ephesus, but rather the greed of men like Demetrius.


Q How big an impact do you think becoming or being a disciple of Christ should have on your life? Why? What might it look like?

Q Read v23-27. What is it that Demetrius is so upset about? What do you think that he and his the other craftsmen really care about?

Q Read v28-32. Why do you think the riot happens? Why is public opinion such a powerful force?

Q Read v33-41. In what ways does public opinion clash with God’s Word today? Why do you think people sometimes champion a cause that they haven’t really thought through?

Q What does this chapter tell us about the costs that will inevitably be involved in being a church that refuses to compromise on God’s truth?