Church Visiting Team

Church Visiting Team Strategy: “members should have the same care for one another” (1 Cor 12:25)

The church has a “Visiting” Team and it has been particularly helpful for several people with, for example, provision of respite from care, company/fellowship, provision of meals and transport. Building on that approach, there is a choice to be made with the church as first stop provider at one end of the spectrum to the church as the long stop provider at the other end of the spectrum, with different choices being made at different times depending on range of factors including health, availability of family or own transport or other means, degree of need etc.

Members already do lots of care for one another and the church wants to avoid adversely impacting on that by creating a formalised structure – we just want as far as possible, in a growing church, to make sure that no one falls through the support net. We are also aware that safeguarding legislation quite rightly says we need to be careful about whom the church uses.

There is in existence a range of (largely non-Christian) free and pay for services provided by charities and councils who already provide volunteers and employees to provide many types of the care for which we see the need. These other organisations have been set up deliberately for this purpose and possess expertise and knowledge gained over a long period of time which we as a church cannot replicate. The Appendices summarise some of the information sources and help available; it is not comprehensive (please feel free to let us know of additions/changes to it) and inclusion of organisations is not a recommendation, just an information source.

Role for the church
Continued encouragement of members from the Scriptures to show kindness, care and fellowship. The church wants to be available and ready to help when needed. The Church’s “Visiting” Team will coordinate specific requests for help from its signed-up volunteers as appropriate to meet urgent, unmet and additional needs. The Team is led by an Elder and the Team will be proactive in offering help. For some services the Church will only use members because they have previously been vetted to an extent through the membership application process.

Please see the our Support Document with further information.

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