Children & Youth Registration (2022-2023)

Please use the form below to register your child for our children and youth groups.

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    In the case of an emergency Walton Evangelical Church will do everything possible to contact you. In the event of illness or accident I give consent that first aid and medical treatment can be administered by Walton Evangelical Church where considered necessary. Please give details of all allergies / medications etc above. First Aid and medical treatment will be administered where possible by a trained First Aider or by a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

    I give consent that Walton Evangelical Church can take photographs and videos of my child. Walton Evangelical Church may use these photographs and videos for internal (notice boards and newsletters etc) and external use (including our website our social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram etc).

    I give consent that Walton Evangelical Church can store my details on the church computer.

    I give consent that Walton Evangelical Church can contact me in the future to let me know of other relevant activities taking place at Walton Evangelical Church (I understand that I can opt out at any time by contacting the Church).
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