Our Values

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At Walton we have several values at the heart of our Church.

• Bible Based
God’s Word is the foundation of all we do.

• Spirit Led
We need the Holy Spirit to obey God’s Word, live the Christian life and serve the Lord.

• True Worship
We gather together to worship God ‘in Spirit and Truth’ and as such our worship is enabled by the Holy Spirit and earthed in God’s Word.

• Clear Teaching
We believe in the importance of preaching, teaching and learning God’s Word and its relevance for today.

• Mission
We are focussed on reaching our community and the world for Christ. Mission shapes the life of our Church.

• Church Membership
Encourages our commitment to the Church family by enabling us to identify and use our gifts to build the Church and spread the Good News.

• Prayer
Prayer is the means God has ordained for us to experience His fellowship and power. It is vital that all of our activities are soaked in prayer.

• Discipleship
Jesus has called us to ‘make disciples’. We will nurture new believers in their relationship with the Lord so they may serve him and lead others to Christ.