If you’re not quite sure what to expect at Walton Church please have a look through our FAQs! If you’ve still got questions then please get in touch!

What time should I arrive?
Aim to arrive about 5 minutes before the service starts. Our Morning service begins at 10:00am and evening service at 6:00pm.

Where should I park?
We don’t have a Church car park so we ask you to park considerately on the side roads close to Church. Please avoid parking on Moorland View Road as it sometimes creates a problem for nearby residents.

What should I wear?
There is no dress code at Walton Church, so feel free to be casual or smart. We care more about you than what you wear!

Will I have to do anything during the service?
We have times of singing and prayer and listening to the sermon. Everything will be written down, or on the big screen for you to follow. The leader will guide you through every aspect of the service.

Can I bring my children?
Yes! We are a family Church and we welcome all ages. See the youth section of the website for more details on what activities are available for children.

Should I take Communion?
Yes, if you are a Christian and have put your trust in Jesus. Otherwise please let the drink and bread pass by. Please feel free to ask about communion after the service.

Does going to church make me a Christian?
No. The Bible says that only those who believe and trust in Jesus Christ are saved (John 3:16).

How can I find out more about Christianity?
Come along on Sunday and talk to someone! They would be delighted to tell you more or point you to someone else who can answer your questions. We also run specific courses, such as ‘The World We All Want’ which are great ways to explore Christianity. For more information about the Christian faith please click here (this link will take you to the ‘Two Ways To Live’ Website).

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