31 January 2021 (am) – Galatians 5:16-26 – PATIENCE

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Galatians on Sunday 31st January 2021.

The fourth part of the fruit of the Spirit is Patience.
We all know too well what patience means …and we really need to grow it! C H Spurgeon called patience:
“A grace as difficult as it is necessary, and as hard to come by as it is precious to grow”
On Sunday we looked first of all at how God displays His incredible patience with sinners and then we thought about how we might grow this fruit in 3 areas of our lives; within ourselves, in our relationship with others and with the circumstances and suffering of life.
Here’s a brief definition:

Patience is the ability to face trouble without blowing up or hitting out.

Q The opposite of this fruit of patience is impatience! Where do you see this today? Why does it seem to be such a big problem? How is impatience a sign of immaturity?

Q Read Philippians 2:12-13. Can we grow this fruit on our own? What two things are necessary if we are to become more like Christ?

Q Read James 5:7-8. How is the farmer a good picture of patience? What is he relying on whilst he waits?

Q Why do you think James puts v9 right in the middle of his teaching about patience?

Q Read v10-11. How is perseverance related to patience? What do you know about Job’s perseverance? What was it that brought Job through his ordeal? (look at Job 42:1-6).

Q Read Colossians 3:12-14. What practical instruction does Paul give here and how might you apply it in your life?

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