30 October 2022 (am) – Acts 22:1-23:24

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 30th October 2022.

We left Paul beaten, on the steps of the Roman barracks, preparing to address the crowd who are baying for his death! Chapters 22 and 23 complete Pauls brief visit to Jerusalem: He will address the crowds, narrowly escape a Roman flogging, stand trial before the Sanhedrin and sidestep a murder plot all within a couple of days!

Q Why do we get discouraged as Christians?

Q Read Paul’s testimony in 22:1-21. What does he tell them about his background? Why is that important? Why did Paul change? Why did he go to the Gentiles?

Q Read v22-29. What does the crowd object to? Why is this such a big issue for them?

Q Read 22:30-23:10. Why is Paul unable to make any progress with the Sanhedrin?

Q Read 23:12-23. What surprises you about this plot against Paul? How is are all of these goings on in Jerusalem reminiscent of what Jesus went through?

Q Read 23:11. What sustains Paul in the midst of all of these trials? How is this a help and a comfort to you and I?

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