29 October 2023 (am) – Matthew 6:25-34

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Matthew on Sunday 29th October 2023.

This section is a continuation of v19-24 in which we were faced with the decisions that those who belong to the Kingdom must make. They have decided that they will store treasure in heaven rather than on earth and they have chosen to serve God rather than money. And it is in the light of these decisions that Jesus can they instruct them not to worry.

Q What kinds of things do people most commonly worry about? Do you think this changes with age?

Q Why do we worry? (see v30) Is all worry wrong? (look up 2 Cor 11:28-29) At what point do you think worry becomes sin?

Q Read v25-27. What specific worries is Jesus addressing here? What might we include in this list of daily needs today? What (according to v25) is more important than these things? Why is worrying about them a waste of time according to v27?

Q Read v28-30. What lesson can we learn from the birds and from the flowers and grass? Does this mean we should stop working and saving for the future? Explain…

Q Read v31-34. Why does the world run after these things? Why should we be radically different from them?

Q What is to be our top priority according to v33? And what does Jesus promise us if this is so?

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