29 November 2020 (am) – Galatians 2:21-31

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Galatians on Sunday 29th November 2020.

In this passage, Paul uses the story of Sarah and Hagar as an allegory to show that there are 2 ways to be descended from Abraham, by the flesh (v23, 29 “In the ordinary way”) or by the power of the Spirit (v29).

Those who try to bring about God’s blessing by working for it are children of Hagar – Ishmael was a product of Abraham and Sarah taking things into their own hands.
Those who come to God by Faith in His promise are children of Sarah – Isaac was the miraculous child, born not by effort or ability but by the power of the Spirit.

Big Idea: Those who are born of the flesh (who put their trust in their own ability and effort rather than God’s promise), “will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son” (v30).

Q Read v21-23. What’s the story Paul is referring to? Who are the 2 women and their sons?

Q What was different about the way that Hagar and Sarah produced their offspring? What does Paul mean in v23 by “the ordinary way” (NIV) or “according to the flesh” (ESV)?

Q Read v24-27. How does Paul contrast these 2 women and their children? What do they stand for?

Q How would this allegory have been a shock to the Judaisers (the false teachers)? How would you describe the 2 types of people that these 2 different children represent?

Q Read v28-31 (also look at Genesis 21:8-10). What do children of “flesh” do to children of promise? Why do you think this is? Where might we see this?

Q What is the inheritance that these children of the flesh will never share?

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