28 June 2020 (am) – Mark 14:1-11

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 28th June 2020.

Mark 14:1-11 What is Jesus Worth to You?
Mark sandwiches a wonderful story about a woman who expressed her deep love for Jesus by pouring expensive perfume on His head, between two scenes involving the Leaders of Israel and Judas expressing their hatred for Him.
The Sanhedrin think Jesus is just a problem to get rid of; they want Jesus destroyed and are carefully crafting a plan to dispose of Him.
Judas is willing to trade Jesus for money.
But to this unnamed woman, Jesus is the greatest treasure she has ever discovered, of more value than the most precious thing she owns.

Summary: For a true disciple of Jesus, He is the greatest treasure and the pearl of great price! False belief is revealed by our willingness to sell Him for that which the world offers.

Q What is Jesus worth to a) the chief priests and teachers of the law (v1-2), the woman (v3-9) and Judas (v10-11)?

Q Read v4-5. Why were some of those present angry about what this woman did? Compare John 12:5-6 – What was the underlying issue?

Q Read v9. What is about what this woman does that lies at the heart of the Christian gospel?

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