26 May 2024(am) – Genesis 19:1-29

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Genesis on Sunday 26th May 2024.

In what seems to be a striking parallel to the previous chapter, Lot, like Abraham receives the two visitors sent by the LORD and offers then hospitality in his home. But this time we are in Sodom and the visitors have come to verify the wickedness of the city.
They don’t have to wait long! The sin of Sodom is very obvious and Lot must flee for refuge.
Here, as in the flood of Noah, we are faced with the stark reality of God’s wrath against sin.

Q What ideas does the name “Sodom” conjure up in people’s minds?

Q Read v1-11. What happens? Who is involved? What does this tell us about the sinfulness of Sodom (see also Ezekiel 16:46-50)?

Q How do the men of Sodom feel about Lot? Why? Where do we see similar attitudes today?

Q Read v12-22. How do Lot’s sons-in-law respond to his pleas? Why do you think that is? Why do you think Lot hesitates to leave and makes the request for Zoar (v16, 20)? What impression do we get of Lot?

Q Read v23-29. What happens to Lot’s wife, and why (see also Luke 17:31-32)? Why are we to remember her?!

Q Why is Lot spared (see v16, 19 and 29)? What does this story teach us about the wrath of God and how to escape it?

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