26 July 2020 (am) – Mark 14:53-65

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 26th July 2020.

Mark 14:53-65 What’s the Charge?
Jesus is brought to the home of the high priest and put on trial, in the middle of the night, before the Sanhedrin.
They make three attempts to accuse Him of something worthy of death, but no charge sticks except for Jesus’ bold declaration in v62, that he is indeed the Son of the Blessed One, and the ruling Son of Man who they will one day see coming in the clouds of heaven!
It’s a clear declaration of His divinity, and in their eyes it is a horrendous blasphemy – rather than fairly assessing His claim in the light of all He has publically said and done, they decide no more evidence is called for and every man condemns Him to death.

Summary: The trial was fixed from the start. It was all about finding a reason to condemn Jesus (and still today people do the same thing). Jesus will be sentenced to death for speaking only the truth to a group of murderous liars!

Q In what ways is this midnight trial fixed?

Q Read v55-56. Why do you think that they couldn’t get agreement on these accusations?

Q Read v57-59. What are they actually accusing Jesus of here? Look at John 2:18-22. Did Jesus really say that He would destroy the temple? What was He actually talking about?

Q Read v61-64. What is the charge they actually condemn Him for? Why is this ridiculous?

Q How do people use similar tactics to this to eliminate Jesus today?

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