25 October 2020 (am) – Galatians 3:15-29

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Galatians on Sunday 25th October 2020.

In these verses Paul continues to explore the relationship between the Promise given to Abraham and the Law given to Moses.
In v15-18 he uses the illustration of a will which names those who are going to inherit. The promises given to Abraham are like a will in that once they have been formally laid down, nothing can alter or overrule them – not even the Law given later on to Moses.
So, if the promises have always stood firm, even with the addition of the law, what was the purpose of the law (v19)?
The rest of this chapter explores the correct function of the law and ends with the conclusion that we are no longer under its supervision (v25).

Big Idea: We inherit the blessings of God (our salvation) because of the promise made to Abraham and Christ (his seed). The law was never given as an added condition.

Q Read v15-18. How does Paul illustrate the relationship between the promises given to Abraham and the Law given through Moses? Who were the promises ultimately given to (v16)? Did the law add conditions to receiving the promises?

Q Read v19. Why does Paul say God gave the Law to Israel? What does this mean? …and how long was the Law supposed to serve this function?

Q Read v21-22. Are the Law and the Promises to Abraham opposed to each other? How would you explain why they aren’t (see also v24)?

Q Read v23-29. Paul illustrates our relationship to the Law being like that of a child and their guardian. Once we have grown up, we take our place in the family and we are no longer under the supervision of the guardian.
What are some of the blessing of belonging to Christ listed in v26-29?

Bonus Question: What do you think we (as Christians today) are supposed to do with the Law of Moses?

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