25 July 2021 (am) – Acts 8:1-25

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 25th July 2021.

Persecution has hit the church in Jerusalem. And this is exactly the catalyst needed to get the gospel to spread further out into the next geographical areas, that of Samaria.
Acts 8 tell the story of how the gospel arrived in Samaria as Philip, then Peter and John start to preach in the towns and villages north of Judea.

Q Read v1-5. What is the cause of the spread of the gospel out from Jerusalem? What does this teach us about how ought to think about the persecution of the church?

Q Read v6-17. What role do the miraculous signs play in the conversion of the Samaritans? What do they put their trust in? (see v12).

Q Why is it important that the Jesus we believe in is the real Jesus that we find in Scripture? Why might people want to invent their own version of Him instead today?

Q In contrast, what does Simon seem to be fixated with? (v13)

Q Read v18-25. What is wicked about what Simon does? Do we see the same thing happening today?

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