24th September 2023 (am) – Matthew 6:7-15

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Matthew on Sunday 24th September 2023.

Here Jesus continues His teaching on Prayer. He has already made the point that when we pray we must be aware of who we’re praying to: We should not pray to be noticed and heard by an audience; If that is a temptation then you should keep prayer restricted to your cupboard! Now He continues by giving us a model for prayer that reflects the values of His Kingdom.

Q Why do you think prayer is such a difficult discipline for most of us? What have you found helps?

Q Read v5-8. What characterises the prayers of a) hypocrites and b) pagans? Why does Jesus say we should we not pray the way they do?

Q Read Luke 18:1-8. How does this parable fit with what Jesus is teaching here?

Q Read v9-10. What 3 petitions does Jesus say we should make for our Father in Heaven? What do they mean? Why are these the priorities that we should have in our prayers?

Q Read v11-15. What 3 petitions does Jesus say we should make from our Father in Heaven? What do they mean and why are they so important?

Q Why is it so important that we don’t bear grudges and harbour bitterness towards others? How does the message of the Gospel help us to forgive others?

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