23 July 2023 (am) – Matthew 5:21 -26

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Matthew on Sunday 23rd July 2023.

Here we have the first in a series of statements in which Jesus shows His disciples the true meaning of the Law; the Law which He came to fulfil. This is the ethical standard by which citizens of the Kingdom of heaven are to live. When we understand and live by this “Law of Christ” (1 Cor 9:21) we will be salt and light, able to fulfil our calling as fishers of men.

Q What sorts of things / situations typically make us angry? Is there anything common to these things?

Q Read v21-22. How does Jesus challenge the understanding of what his listeners have heard? What do you think they would have made of it?

Q Look up 1 Samuel 16:7. How do we a similar principle at work in how Jesus applies God’s Law?

Q Read v23-24. How should Jesus’ disciples handle things when they know they have caused offense? Why is this so important?

Q Read v25-16. What point is Jesus making in this second case study?

Q Is it ever right to be angry (see Eph 4:26)? Read 1 Peter 2:21-23. How did Jesus handle offenses against Himself?
What areas of your own life do you need to pay special attention to with regards to anger?

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