23 August 2020 (am) – Mark 15:16-32

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 23rd August 2020.

Mark 15:16-32 Mocked
This passage of Mark’s gospel charts His the path from Jesus’s trial to the cross. Jesus was arrested sometime after midnight in the garden, tried by the Sanhedrin and then marched to Pilate first thing in the morning. By 9am He has been nailed to the cross!

As Jesus leaves Pilate He is first of all mocked and teased by the whole cohort of Soldiers at the Praetorium who dress him up as a pantomime king. Pilate uses the opportunity to display to the Jews what Rome thinks of Jewish kings! And the crowds gathered around the cross still carry on the tirade of abuse whilst he hangs there.
Even the criminals crucified with Him join in!
Here hangs the creator of the Universe, despised and rejected by all around Him.

Summary: Jesus knows what is it to be rejected and mocked. But he silently endures it all with no resistance, for the joy set before Him! This is what it cost the Son of God to save sinner like us.

Q When we think about the crucifixion, we naturally think about the physical suffering, but what is the repeated emphasis in Mark’s gospel?

Q Why did Jesus endure all of this when He could have so easily avoided it? (see Matthew 26:53)

Q Read Isaiah 53:10-12. Why did God the Father not step in? And how is this linked with the above?

Q Read 1 Peter 2:19-24. How is what Jesus endured a comfort and an encouragement to us?

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