19 September 2021 (am) – Acts 11:19-30

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 19th September 2021.

This passage ends off a section that is all about how the gospel broke out from a purely Jewish Church and went to the Gentiles. This is how it all started; God’s mission to the nations!
Here we have a wonderful portrait of how a church of both Jews and Gentiles was founded in the city of Antioch, how the Apostles endorsed it and how these Gentile believers expressed love to their brothers and sisters in Judaea.

Q Read v19-24. What made these missionaries leave Jerusalem? Where did they go? Why do you think they chose these destinations?

Q Why do you think the Apostles sent Barnabas?

Q What did Barnabas instruct these new, Gentile believers to do? What did he NOT require from them?

Q Read v25-26. Why do you think Barnabas sought out Paul to help?

Q Read v27-30. What is remarkable about the way the Christians in Antioch respond to the forthcoming crisis?

Q How does this passage challenge us today: About telling others the good news about Jesus? About the reality of the global church and the part we play in it?

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