18 October 2020 (pm) – 1 Peter 2:11 – 3:12

PodcastThiago Holanda preaching from 1 Peter on Sunday 18th October 2020.

Peter continues to challenge God’s people with that idea that Christians should be so otherworldly that people look at us and want to glorify the God who is changing us. Becoming more Christlike shows itself in the idea of submission to God-appointed authorities. This in turn yields blessing to God’s people. Here’s a summary of who we submit to and the outcome of that submission:

a. 2:13-17 We submit to human authorities
b. 2:18-25 Servants submit to masters. This is extended to: Work bosses, school staff, parents, church leaders.
c. 3:1-6 Wives submit to their own husbands
d. 3:7 Husbands are to love your wives

If we submit & love, we will…

1. Glorify god (12-13)
2. Shut fools up (15)
3. Be commended by god (19)
4. Be Christlike (21-25)
5. Win others (3:1-6)
6. Be saintlike (3:5-6)
7. Not be hindered (3:7)

Submission – accepting the authority of the groups Peter mentions – is a reflection of how Christians mirror the life and example of their Master, who took the sin of others upon himself and brought life out of it. In the same way, they may win others and glorify God by the way they live.

Q Is it sinful to disobey government COVID guidelines? Why (not)?

Q Why should you care about respecting your boss/parents/church leaders when you disagree with them (and it’s not a ‘sin issue’)?

Q (If married) How do you live out submission and leadership in your marriage?

Q Why is this view of marriage not harmful or plain stupid?

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