17 July 2022 (am) – Acts 18:1-17

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 17th July 2022.

Paul now travels from Athens, further south to the port of Corinth. This was a large and busy city, more populace even than Athens! Corinth has 2 ports! A “ship railway” transported vessels over land across a stretch of about 6km, saving the long journey around the south of Greece.
Here, Paul makes friends with a couple from Rome, Aquila and Priscilla who support him in his ministry. A large church grows in this town as Paul stays there for the next year and a half.

Q What are some of the reasons that Christians become discouraged? What has God provided for us to encourage us?

Q Read v1-5. What does God provide for Paul in Corinth?

Q Read v6-11. Why does Paul decide to turn his attention to the Gentiles in Corinth? How does His vision in v9-10 confirm that this was the right decision?

Q Read v12-17. What is Paul accused of? Why doesn’t Gallio want to get involved? How does this end up helping the cause of the Gospel?

Q What can we learn from these verses that will keep us encouraged even when sharing the gospel with others is hard?

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