16 October 2022 (am) – Acts 21:1-16

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 16th October 2022.

This passage sees Paul completing his journey to Jerusalem. The outstanding features of this travelogue are Paul’s encounters with the disciples in Tyre and in the house of Philip in Caesarea. On both of these occasions Paul is urged by the disciples not to continue his journey to Jerusalem because God has revealed to them the suffering that awaits him there. And yet, just like Jesus his master, Paul is determined to follow God’s plan even if it means hardship and death.

Q What do you think are some of the greatest challenges facing Christians in Britain today?

Q Read v1-6. Why do the disciples in Tyre want Paul not to go to Jerusalem? What do you think Paul means when he says that the urged Paul “through the Spirit”?

Q Why is Paul determined to carry in his journey (take a look at 20:22-24 and also Acts 9:11-16)?
BONUS QUESTION: How would you explain what appears to be conflicting messages from the Spirit?

Q Read v8-14. What happens in Caesarea? How is Paul’s response modelled on that of Jesus (Luke 9:22, 51)?

Q Read Luke 9:23-26. Why is following Jesus worth taking up your cross? What might that cross look like today?

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