16 August 2020 (am) – Mark 15:1-15

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 16th August 2020.

Mark 15:1-15 What Kind of King?
The Sanhedrin have no authority to legally execute Jesus without the cooperation of Rome, and so early in the morning after the trial at the Priest’s house, the bind Jesus and take Him to the governor Pilate.
The Jewish leaders try to persuade Pilate that Jesus must die for His claim to be the king of the Jews and therefore a threat to the empire (Luke 23:2).
But Pilate comes to a different conclusion (v10) this trial is all about envy! And so he tries to release Jesus using a festival tradition whereby the people can choose a criminal to set free.
But the crowd (under the influence of their leaders) choose Barabbas instead.
Pilate fails to do the right thing because he is more worried about pleasing the crowd than upholding justice (v15).

Summary: Jesus is a king like no other – His kingdom is not of this world, but of the next (John 18:36) and therefore the choice about what to do with Him is the choice between this world and the world to come.

Q The Sanhedrin bring Jesus to Pilate. Who was he? Read Luke 23:2 and John 19:12. How do they try to persuade Pilate to pass the death sentence on Jesus?

Q Why do you think Jesus says nothing in v3-5? (Consider Isaiah 53:6-7).

Q Why does Pilate want to free Jesus instead? (see v10, Matthew 27:19, Luke 23:14, 21-22 and John 19:7-12 )

Q Why does Pilate eventually give in to their demands? (see v15) Have you ever fallen victim to peer pressure like this?

Q There are many things that can influence our choice about what we do with Jesus. What influences the various groups and individuals to reject Him in this passage?

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