15 January 2023 (am) – Genesis 1:1-2:3

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Genesis on Sunday 15th January 2023.

Having established that God is the uncreated creator of all that exists, we move on now into the account of the “creation week” in Genesis chapter 1. This is a beautifully structured account of God speaking the different elements of the cosmos into existence and organising it all. The account of chapter 1 reaches its zenith with the creation of Mankind as the ones for whom the earth was made. Mankind is made in God’s image, to flourish and rule over the world under the ultimate rule of God himself.

Q If you take God as creator out of the equation, what possibilities are you left with to answer the question, “where did everything come from?”
How do these possibilities affect your view of Nature and Mankind?

Q Read Chapter 1. List what God made on each day:

Day 1 Day 4

Day 2 Day 5

Day 3 Day 6

Are any of these descriptions a bit ambiguous?

Q What are the repeating features found in the descriptions of these day? What does this tell you about God?

Q Read v26-31 again. What is different / special about the creation of Mankind? How does this affect the way we view people?

Q What is the role / mandate that is given to Mankind? What are the implications of this for us?

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