14 March 2021 (am) – Galatians 5:26-6:5

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Galatians on Sunday 14th March 2021.

In this passage Paul addresses the very real problem of pride.
It is essential that God’s people assess themselves correctly for two major reasons:
First, if we are conceited (5:26) then we will not “serve one another in love” (5:13) – A self-centred, proud person is going to be no use restoring a sinner and is unlikely to offer to share another person’s burden (6:1-2).
But more concerning still, v3-5 remind us that when we come before God in the final judgement, comparison with others will play no part in God’s assessment, and on that day each of us will be responsible for the load God gave us.

Q Read 5:26. Here, Paul warns against conceit (a hunger for personal glory) which manifests in 2 ways, ‘provoking’ and ‘envying’. What do these 2 forms of pride look like? (Which one are you most likely to struggle with?)

Q Read 6:1-2. How should we minister to those who have been caught in sin? Why would either type of pride stop us doing this effectively?

Q What are some of the burdens that people struggle with in life? Why might pride stop you helping them?

Q How does carrying other people’s burdens “fulfil the Law of Christ”? (take a look at 5:13-14)

Q Read 6:3-5. Here Paul is thinking about the future judgement where each of us will be responsible for our own personal load. Why is it crucial that we don’t let pride, or comparison with others, cloud our own assessment of ourselves in the prospect of that day?

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