14 June 2020 (am) – Mark 13:1-31

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 14th June 2020.

Mark 13:1-27 The end of the Temple and the end of the Age – Part 1
As they are leaving, the disciples comment about the magnificence of the temple complex. But Jesus says that not one stone will be left on another!
A short while later, they sit opposite the temple on the Mount of Olives and the curious disciples ask about when this will happen, and what signs will signal that it is about to happen.
As far as the disciples are concerned, the destruction of the temple must be the end of the world (cf. Matthew 24:3)!
Jesus proceeds to answer their questions, explaining that these will be 2 separate events. First, He talks about the destruction of the temple (which happened in AD 70) and warns His disciples about the kind of days that will lead up to it, and how they should remain focussed and alert. He then goes on to tell them about a sign that will signify the imminent destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, and warns them to flee before it comes.
The destruction of the temple will be a sure sign that Jesus is reigning and exalted in the throne room of heaven!

Summary: Here we see the final condemnation of the temple and judgement from God on a corrupt religious system which prevents the nations from coming to God. Jesus Himself is now the only sacrifice necessary for sin and the ultimate meeting place between God and man.

Q In v5-13 we see a typical portrait of the days in which the disciples will live before the fall of Jerusalem. What features here do we actually see in the book of Acts? How are these day very much like the days we live in today?

Q Read Daniel 7:13-14. Who does Daniel see in his vision? Where is he led? What is given to him? …Who is the Son of Man? How does this help us to understand Mark 13:26-27?

Q Read Mark 14:60-65. What does Jesus tell the High Priest that He will see? What does this mean?

Q Why was the destruction of the temple such a big deal in the eyes of the disciples?

Q In what ways has Jesus replaced the temple?

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