13 June 2021 (am) – Acts 4:1-22

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 13th June 2021.

As Peter and John preach in the wake of the healing of the lame man at the temple, the Jewish authorities have them arrested and detained. The next day, the whole Sanhedrin gathers and they stand before them to give an account of their actions.
Two peasants from Galilee stand before the religious and academic elite of the nation…

Q Read v1-4. What was it about what Peter and John were saying that so bothered the Jewish authorities? Why do you think this was?

Q Do you ever find that people today are angered when you talk about Jesus? What do you think makes them angry?

Q Read v5-15 What do the Authorities want to know? What does Peter answer, and why do you think they are left speechless (v14)?

Q Why does Peter quote from Psalm 118 in v11, and how does it connect with his powerful statement in v12?

Q Read v15-22. What do the Authorities decide to do? How does Peter respond?

Q In what situations today might we need to apply the same principle that Peter does in v19-20?

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