12 September 2021 (am) – Acts 11:1-18

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 12th September 2021.

Word of what happened at Cornelius’s house (ch.10) quickly gets around and reaches HQ in Jerusalem. This is obviously a big deal for the Jewish Christians whose whole cultural worldview is about to be rocked!
The first half of chapter 11 contains Peter’s explanation of his actions.

Q Read v1-3. Why do you think mixing with Gentiles was such a big deal to these Jewish believers even in spite of the fact that they had clearly heard and understood the Gospel of God’s grace?

Q Read v4-17. Peter Gives 4 Justifications for his actions, what are they?





Q Read Mark 7:18-23. What is it that really makes us unclean before God? How can we be made clean?

Q What implications does this truth have for us today?

Q How might we (even today) treat people as if they are unclean?

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