12 March 2023 (am) – Genesis 4:16-26

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Genesis on Sunday 12th March 2023.

In the second half of Genesis chapter 4 we are given a genealogy of the family line coming from Cain. Ten names are from Adam to the three sons of Lamech. Lamech epitomises this family line who live away from and with no regard to the God who made them; theirs is a dynasty of self-reliance, immorality, violence and boasting in their sin.
But the chapter ends with a note of hope; Adam and Eve have another child to replace Abel, and this is a family line that starts out by calling on the name of the LORD (v26).

Q Why do you think some people seem to have more influence on people than others do? Do you think it is easier to be a good influence or a bad one?

Q Read v17-18. What is the first thing that Cain’s line do? What does this suggest (see Genesis 11:4-6)?

Q Read v19-22. How does Lamech pervert God’s creation design here?

Q What does Lamech’s family contribute to the world? Are these things bad or good?

Q Read v23-24. Compare Lamech with his ancestor, Cain. What direction has Lamech gone?
Do we still see all the sins of the line of Cain in our world today? Where? What does that tell us?

Q Read v25-26. How is Eve’s attitude somewhat more humble here than it was in v1? What does this suggest about how sin might be overcome? What does the use of the same word for child/offspring/seed here as in Genesis 3:15 suggest?

Q What does it mean to “call upon the name of the LORD”? What will be our only hope in the battle between mankind and sin? (see v7)

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