12 June 2022 (am) – Philippians 4:10-23

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Philippians on Sunday 12th June 2022.

This last passage takes us back to the original reason that Paul wrote the letter. He wants to thank the Philippians for the gift they sent him by the hand of Epaphroditus.
Paul takes this opportunity to give them one last bit of teaching about Christian Joy – the secret of contentment.

Q Why is it so rare to find someone who is truly content? What kinds of things rob us of contentment?

Q Read v10-13. What is Paul rejoicing about? What is the secret that he has learned? How is this different from the kind of contentment that can be found in the world?

Q What does Paul tell us is the key to this contentment in v13? What does this mean?

Q Read v14-20. Explain how the generosity of the Philippians:
Blesses Paul (v14):
Blesses them (v17):
Pleases God (v18):

Q What does v19 promise? And what does it not promise? And how do we know that this promise will stand?

Q How is this teaching about both contentment and generosity different from what we hear from the world around us?

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