12 July 2020 (am) – Mark 14:27-42

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 12th July 2020.

Mark 14:26-42 Not a victim.
Jesus returns with His disciples to the mount of Olives where He tells them that not only will one of them betray him, but all of them are going to desert Him (like sheep scattering when the shepherd is struck down)!
None of them can believe this is true. They all believe that when the time comes, they would rather die than desert their master.
But as Jesus later wrestles in prayer, on the worst night of His life, His disciples simply doze off. They have willing spirits… but their flesh is weak.
Jesus, on the other hand will submit to the will of His Father no matter how dreadful the cup He must drink.

Summary: Even under the most intense pressure, Jesus remains firm in His resolve to go even to the cross. In contrast, we are weak, and therefore must constantly watch and pray.

Q Why do you think that the disciples found it impossible to believe that they would fail their master?

Q How might we fall into the trap of thinking that we are stronger than we are?

Q How does Jesus say we are to stand firm when temptation comes (v38)? How do we do that?

Q Read v35-36. What is the cup that cannot be taken from Jesus? What do you think it was that really filled Jesus with dread?

Q Look again at v21 and v36. Why was Jesus willing to go through with all that lay ahead of Him?

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