12 February 2023 (am) – 1 Timothy 2:8-15

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from 1 Timothy on Sunday 12th February 2023.

Genesis is a book that gives us some really important foundations that will help us to understand all that comes after it in the scriptures. So it will be a very helpful exercise to take a look at how the New Testament authors apply what we have seen in the first 3 chapters to a situation in the local church that still applies today.

Q How has the relationship between men and women been affected by the curses described in Genesis 3? Where do we particularly see friction today?

Q Read v8 and v11-12. What are the instructions Paul is giving to men and women? What is the context in which these instructions are applied?

Q How do v1-2 help us understand what Paul means by “silence” / “quietness” in v11-12 (which translate the same word)?

Q Read the qualifications for church elders in chapter 3 v1-7. What are the only 2 skills that an elder needs? How does this connect with 2:12?

Q Read v13-14. What is the basis upon which Paul grounds his instructions? What does v14 NOT imply?

Q Why do you think we find Paul’s instructions in this chapter so controversial?

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