11 September 2022 (am) – Acts 19:1-22

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Acts on Sunday 11th September 2022.

Chapter 19 tell the story of how the gospel came to the city of Ephesus, an indeed to all who lived in the province of Asia (v10)! Ephesus was a city steeped in magic, occult practice and superstition. And as usual, when the gospel is preached there are those who believe, and there is opposition.
The first half of the chapter tells us how God worked through His Apostle to demonstrate that Jesus is the name high over all.

Q Have you ever had your doubts when someone has told you that they are a Believer? Why? How can we really tell if someone is a genuine disciple of Christ?

Q Read v 1-7. What were these disciples missing? What does Paul tell them that they need to do? Why are both repentance and faith necessary for salvation?

Q (bonus!) This is the last time we hear of a group speaking in tongues and prophesying in Acts. Why do you think it happens here?

Q Read v8-10. Why does Paul eventually leave the Synagogue? Why do you think the members of the synagogue responded this way? Do we see this kind of reaction from people today?

Q Read v11-22. What was wrong with what the sons of Sceva were doing? What was the result when people heard about it? How does this help us understand why God did such extraordinary miracles through Paul in Ephesus (v11)?

Q How might we have an incomplete or wrong view of Jesus, and how do these verses correct it?

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