10 September 2023 (am) – Matthew 5:38 – 48

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Matthew on Sunday 10th September 2023.

As Jesus continues to teach His disciples the way in which the Law applies to them through Him, we now come to the final two sections concerning the exercise of our personal rights and our interaction with those who mistreat us.

Q What do we consider to be our inalienable rights with regards to justice, possessions, time and money?

Q Read v38 and 43. What had the people heard? What was wrong with the way they were using the Law?

Q Read v39. How is what Jesus says different? Is He contradicting the Law (see Leviticus 24:17-20)? Why / why not?

Q Read v39-42. Is it always wrong to for us to oppose an evil person or insists on your rights? Take a look at Acts 16:35-40 – Why is what Paul does here ok? Why do you think he did what he did? What do you think is the real point behind what Jesus says here in Matthew 5?

Q Read v43-48. How is loving your enemies a way of imitating God? Why is this such an important command?

Q Read Romans 12:17-21. Why is loving an enemy so hard? How does what Paul says here give us a new perspective on doing so?

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