10 December 2023 (pm) – Isaiah 11:1-9

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Isaiah on Sunday 10th December 2023.

This is a Bible passage we love to read at Christmas time because it paints for us a glorious picture of God’s faithfulness in sending His King and shows us something of what His reign and his kingdom will be like.

Q If you surveyed people on the street to ask them what they thought Christmas was all about, what do you think they would say?

Q Read Isaiah 6:9-13. What is to be the flavour of Isaiah’s ministry? What lies ahead for Judah in v11-13? What is meant by the “holy seed” in v13? And why then is v13 particularly devastating?

Q Read 11:1. How is this verse full of hope for God’s people? Who is this really talking about (See Romans 15:8-13)?

Q Read v2-5. What do these verses tell about what the reign of Christ is like?

Q Read v6-9. What do these verses tell us about His Kingdom?

Q How does this prophecy of Isaiah inform us about what we are really celebrating at Christmas?

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