09 June 2024 (am) – Genesis 19:30-36

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Genesis on Sunday 9th June 2024.

This is the last we hear of Abraham’s nephew Lot. He parted ways with his uncle back in chapter 13 to pursue further prosperity in the fertile land around Sodom and Gomorrah and his life exhibited a steady drift away from “the way of the LORD” ever since. His end is very sad, and it stands as a cautionary tale to all who would choose to walk by sight rather than by faith.

Q What are some of the ways in which this world fails to satisfy us? Why is this? How does pursuing these things become a form of slavery?

Q Read v30. Where does Lot end up, and why? What do you think he was afraid of?

Q Read v31-35. Why do Lot’s daughters hatch such an immoral plan (v31-32, 34)? How might their intentions be justified? What tells us that their actions are condemned?

Q How do v33 and v35 seek to vindicate Lot? But in what ways was he very much to blame for what happened (consider the contrast between 18:19 and 19:31)?

Q Read v36-38. Why does Moses include this story for his first readers? How is it relevant to us (consider Ruth 1:1-5, 4:13-17 and Matthew 1:1-5). What does this remind us about God’s dealings with mankind in history?

Q How can you and I play a role in influencing the next generation so that they might, “keep the way of the LORD” (18:19)?

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