09 August 2020 (am) – Mark 14:66-72

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 9th August 2020.

Mark 14:66-72 Peter’s fall
At the same time that Jesus is undergoing His trial before the Sanhedrin, in the courtyard below, Peter is also undergoing a trial of his own.
On a night that he will always remember, brave and boastful Peter, the chief amongst the disciples categorically and vehemently denies his Lord 3 times!
And as Jesus predicted earlier, as soon as he denies Him, the cockerel crows, the horror of what Peter has done sinks home and he breaks down and weeps.

Summary: We must beware pride and the belief that we in ourselves are strong enough to fight temptation. The truth is that even the strongest of us will stumble and fall into sin, but we can learn from Peter about what leads us there and how to avoid catastrophe.

Q What do we know about Peter so far from Mark’s gospel? What would you say characterises him as an outstanding disciple?

Q How would you describe the contrast between Peter in v31 and Peter in v37-38 and v71?

Q What 5 things led to Peter’s downfall?
(i). 14:29 (ii). 14:30-31 (iii). 14:37-38 (iv). 14:47-49 (v). 14:54
How can we learn from where Peter went wrong?

Q Mark does not record Peter’s restoration on the beach in Galilee (see John 21:15ff) but how does he hint at it in 16:7?

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