08 March 2020 (am) – Mark 10:7-31

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Mark on Sunday 8th March 2020.

17-31 A Root of evil
As Jesus moves on He is intercepted by a wealthy and powerful young man who wants to know what
he must do to inherit eternal life.
First of all, Jesus picks up on his language and raises the issue of “goodness”, a trait only really found
in God. And then He points this man to Law of Moses; have you kept to even this standard of
Even though this man believes that he has indeed kept these laws, Jesus points out that he still lacks
something – he needs to stop worshipping his possessions and commit wholly to Christ. …But the
idea of giving up his wealth is too much for this man and so he turns away sad.
Jesus draws lessons from this encounter for His disciples.
Summary: If we are to inherit eternal life, we must come to Christ with empty hands – and this will
require us letting go of any idols that are in our lives.
Q Why does Jesus say that it is particularly hard for the rich to enter God’s Kingdom (v23)?
Q Read chapter 9:21-24. Do you see any connection between this encounter between Jesus and the
father of the demon possessed boy, and 10:27? How does this answer the question in v26?
Q What are some other idols that might make people turn away from Jesus today?
Q How do we see the promise of v29-30 worked out today?

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