07 May 2023 (am) – Genesis 7 & 8

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Genesis on Sunday 7th May 2023.

Genesis 7-8 tell the story of the flood. It is plain as you read this account that this tragic event covered the entire earth and wiped out every creature with the breath of life in it from the surface of the earth. The only survivors were the eight passengers on the Ark and the animal with them.
This is a story that most vividly shows God’s just wrath against sin, and yet it also shows us the faithfulness and the merciful grace of God.

Q Why do you think people struggle so much with the idea that God might punish the whole world? How would you justify the idea?

Q Read chapter 7. Describe what happened. What details stand out to you? What does this story teach us about God’s justice?

Q What do you think is the significance of the fact that God shut them in (v16)?

Q What do you think 8:1 means when it says “God remembered Noah” (check out 6:18)? What does this tell us about the Faithfulness of God?

Q Read 8:20-22 What does Noah do as soon as he leaves the Ark? Why?

Q Read Matthew 24:37-44. How does Jesus use the story of Noah’s flood? What lesson does he draw from it?

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