06 December 2020 (am) – Galatians 5:1-15

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Galatians on Sunday 6th December 2020.

This passage sums up the big theme of the letter; Christian Freedom.
The big issue that the Galatians were facing was that those false teacher who had com amongst them were trying to put them under a yoke of slavery to the law.

But if we do this – if we turn to the law for righteousness – then we will never have any assurance of our salvation and, more importantly, it means that actually there was no point in Christ or the cross!
It is a rejection of Grace (v4).

This teaching about works righteousness is pervasive – it spread, even amongst God’s people, like yeast through dough – and so we must do our utmost to resist it

Big Idea: The yeast of legalism can only be eliminated if we stand firm in the true Gospel of Grace.

Q Read v1-3. What is the yoke of slavery that Paul urges the Galatian not to be burdened by? According to v3, what’s the problem with circumcision? Is circumcision itself the problem (see v6)?

Q According to v5, how is the righteousness we need actually obtained?

Q Read v7-12. Paul likens the false teaching of the Judaisers to yeast. What does he mean? How do we see this in our lives?

Q How does preaching “righteousness by works” remove the offense of the cross (v11)?

Q Read v13-15. How is true, gospel freedom not to be used? How should it be used? What is surprising about this? How might this true freedom be expressed in your life?

Q How would this allegory have been a shock to the Judaisers (the false teachers)? How would you describe the 2 types of people that these 2 different children represent?

Q Read v28-31 (also look at Genesis 21:8-10). What do children of “flesh” do to children of promise? Why do you think this is? Where might we see this?

Q What is the inheritance that these children of the flesh will never share?

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