05 November 2023 (am) – Matthew 7:1-6

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Matthew on Sunday 5th November 2023.

Jesus now speaks to His disciples about judging. The word for judging can have a variety of uses; to decide, to discern, to condemn, and to judgemental towards others. It seems pretty clear that here Jesus is talking about that last option. Having exposed the sinful inclinations of our hearts so thoroughly in the previous chapters, showing us how God sees what is going on inside each of us, Jesus now addresses the way that we should view each other.

Q What is wrong with gossip? What damage can it do to those gossiped about, and to the gossiper him or herself?

Q Read v1-2. What is the great danger Jesus is drawing our attention to when He commands us not to judge? What do you think Jesus is talking about in v2 when he talks about “measures”?

Q How is this similar to what He has already warned us about in 6:14-15? (cf Matthew 18:31-35).

Q Read v3-5. What do the speck and the plank represent in this parable? Why is the man with a plank in his eye a hypocrite? How can we guard ourselves against such hypocrisy?

Q Read v6. What do the pearls, pigs and dogs represent in this second parable? How is the judgement we are called to exercise in this verse very different form that in v1-5?

Q Is there a point at which we should ever give up on sharing our faith with someone? Why, why not? How does this parable help? (consider also 5:10-12 and 43-45).

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