02 August 2020 (am) – 1 Peter 1:22-2:10

PodcastThiago Holanda preaching from 1 Peter on Sunday 2nd August 2020.

1 Peter 1:22-2:3
Peter switches gears from thinking about what Christians will have in 1:3-21 to what Christians have now by virtue of being born again.
God’s people love deeply because it’s part of their new God-given life. This section encouraged Christians to love one another even when it’s hard as that reflects God’s love for us when we were hard to love. A life built on the word of God – and producing this love – will last forever while everything else fades away (hence the Isaiah 40 quote!).
God’s people crave Jesus passionately because they were born through His word and continue to grow by that same word. Peter points us to Psalm 34 where we are told God’s people taste God’s goodness and want more of Him.
Summary: Loving one another sincerely, deeply from the heart and enjoying God through his Bible are both part of the new life in Christ that his followers receive through their new birth.

Q Think about Christians you found hard to love. What made them hard to love?
Q Still thinking about those hard-to-love believers we know. According to our passage in 1 Peter, what must we tell ourselves when we find it hard to love them ‘deeply from the heart’?
Q How do you feel about God’s word? Crave it, find it hard to read, can’t find the time…?
Q Would a close friend, spouse or children be able to see you ‘crave pure spiritual milk’ because you ‘tasted the Lord is good’ and want more of Him? What would they see in your life that shows this?

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