01 October 2023 (am) – Matthew 6:16-24

PodcastAndy Bruins preaching from Matthew on Sunday 1st October 2023.

Jesus is still making the crucial point as we continue further into chapter 6, that outward religious acts only get a reward from men, and that what really matters (as far as the Kingdom of Heaven is concerned) is what is going on in your heart.
And there is no part of our lives more prone to “heart problems” than that of possessions, wealth and money.

Q What kind of promises does wealth make to us? How do wee see these promises preached in the world we live in?

Q Read v16-18. How and why do hypocrites fast? What is the right way to fast? What other “acts of righteousness” are we in danger of doing hypocritically?

Q Read v19-21. How do v19-20 sum up the importance of how we give, pray and fast (v2-18)?

Q What kinds of earthly treasure are we tempted to go after? Why is this foolish according to v19? How do we store up treasure in heaven? What happens to our hearts when we go for the wrong kind of treasure?

Q Read v22-23. What are “bad” eyes? (see Matthew 20:13-15 where the same word is translated as “envious” in v15 (NIV)). What happens when we turn our eyes away from Christ to material possessions?

Q Read v24. What is the decision Jesus is asking us to make? Why can’t we serve God and Money?

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