Walton Youth

A youth group for those in secondary school years based at Walton Evangelical Church.

We usually meet on a Sunday evening from 6:30-8:00pm. The club is attended by anything from 10 teenagers upwards.

The night concentrates on bible study, discussion and prayer on topics that vary from basic Christianity, discipleship, and issues that teenagers face today. We want to encourage and disciple the young Christians in the church, and help them reach out to their friends.

Socials / Activities

Activities are planned into each term’s schedule so that we can get to know one another socially, and in the past have included, amongst many, canoeing, bowling, cinema trips, night walks, weekends away, mountain boarding, tobogganing, meals and parties. We don’t have Tuesday night studies during school holidays, but we do try and plan several social activities, particularly over the summer break.

Other groups

As leaders we believe that it is important that teenagers do not see themselves and their church lives in isolation, but realise that there are other groups at nearby churches. We regularly meet up with local youth groups for meetings and events as a way of encouraging our own teenagers, as well as showing our support of other groups.