Who’s Who

Walton Evangelical Church has an Interim Pastor, Chris Kelly, a Leadership Team of Elders and Deacons, a Church Administrator and a committed group of team leaders.

Chris & Caroline Kelly

Christopher grew up in the swinging sixties, in a large family in a little Somerset village. The days were filled with sport, music, Youth Clubs, going to the local Church and generally getting up to mischief. In his mid-teens, and as his family was going through major upheaval, Chris started going to several churches looking for forgiveness and peace with God. After a long struggle he finally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and had a dramatic conversion experience. This produced a desire to know God better and a real enjoyment in being involved in Christian activities. Chris spent a couple of years working as a volunteer in a Mission Hospital in the Middle East and a Leprosarium in French West Africa. This was followed first by studying in London; and then working in a Congregational Church in Yorkshire during the notorious Miner’s Strike of 1984. Here he met and married Caroline, and they now have 2 married daughters. Together they want to help people find the joy and blessing of being followers of Jesus Christ themselves.

The members of the leadership team are…
Ian Roberts (Elder)
Dickie Shipley (Elder)
David Craig (Deacon)
Steve Housley (Deacon)
Dan Nichols (Deacon)
Stephen Whiteley (Deacon)

Our church administrators is Liz Craig.